Things to do

Alghero allows tourists to spend time in a multitude of ways. Whether you want to spend your holidays in complete relaxation walking through the city among shops and restaurants, or practicing sports. Below is a short list of the most popular activities by tourists during the summer season:

Visit to the Grotte Di Nettuno

The caves of Neptune are among the largest marine cavities in Italy, one of the most fascinating jewels of nature in the Mediterranean. Their formation dates back to about two million years ago: inside you will see rooms with amazing karst conformations, a white sandy beach and a huge underground lake. The coves de Neptú (in Catalan), discovered by a fisherman in the 18th century and which quickly became a tourist attraction, have a horizontal development of about four kilometers at the same level as the sea surface. Located 24 kilometers from Alghero, they are the pride of the protected marine area of ​​Capo Caccia-Piana island, inside the park of Porto Conte. You will reach its entrance by going down the Escala del cabirol, the ‘roe deer’ (in Catalan): 654 steps that cling to the western ridge of the Capo Caccia promontory up to the entrance. Or, more comfortably, you will get there by sea, with boats leaving, every day, from the tourist port of the Catalan city or from the pier of Cala Dragunara in Porto Conte, thus enjoying the spectacle that the rocky walls overlooking the sea offer. On the way you will be thrilled by the countless wonderful views of the Coral Riviera.


There are several routes available for trekking lovers, from the tour of the city circuit, to those on a dirt road located within the protected oasis of the Porto Conte natural park. You can run the routes both freely and by relying on the various tour operators in the area.


The area around Alghero is home to some beautiful cliffs, located mainly in the small peninsula of Capo Caccia just 10 km from Alghero. The main and most popular sector in Capo Caccia is Il Casarotto equipped in the 80s and partially bolted by Maurizio Oviglia in 2014.
The Via Ferrata del Cabirol is certainly the easiest and most beautiful in Sardinia. It runs along the beautiful cliff of Capo Caccia, close to the sea and is also suitable for beginners. The via ferrata completes a ring tour and the exit is located a few meters away from the entrance.

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Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Kayaking are highly practiced activities along the kilometers of beaches that line the city. There are numerous operators who run courses, excursions or rent equipment.

Scuba diving

The places where you can practice diving are innumerable and making a complete list is practically impossible, the most frequented areas are however those of
Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio, among the most important sites in the whole Mediterranean. With dozens and dozens of submerged caves of all kinds and particularities, the geological evolution wanted to create spectacular environments and a multitude of light effects.
Flora and fauna have an extraordinary habitat here that characterizes their manifold variety of colors and harmonies. Many diving schools and operators who organize courses, guided excursions and equipment rental.