The most beautiful beaches of Alghero

There is no doubt that Sardinia is a paradise for those who love the sea, it is not an exaggeration to say that along its coast there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But where to go to the sea in Alghero?
Along the 90 kilometers of coastline there are beaches of all types: huge expanses of fine sand, coves and spectacular cliffs. Many of Alghero's most beautiful beaches are easily reached on foot or by public transport from the city center. Below is a list of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the coast:

Le Bombarde beach

Bombarde beach is the most famous beach in Alghero and is also the most popular. It is an expanse of fine sand and turquoise sea. Its shape resembles a crescent and is surrounded by volcanic stones.

How to get there: From Alghero continue towards Capo Caccia. After passing Fertilia after about two kilometers you will meet the sign on the left and after one km the beach.

Lazzaretto beach

Alghero’s Lazzaretto beach is located one and a half kilometers north of the Bombarde beach. The beach is characterized by white and soft, turquoise waters and is surrounded by thick vegetation. In addition to the main beach there are numerous small coves to reach.

How to get there: After Le Bombarde continue on the coast.

Mugoni beach

Mugoni beach is perfect for windy days. It is a sheltered bay, characterized by white sand, protected by a pine forest. The beach is equipped with showers, parking and refreshment.

How to get there: From Alghero continue towards Capo Caccia, at the crossroads turn to Capo Caccia and continue for a few kilometers to the beach.

Lido beach

It is a 3 km long beach with a beautiful backdrop. The Lido beach is the closest to the port and the historic center of Alghero, it can be easily reached on foot.

Fertilia beach

Fertilia beach is located after a series of coves close to the Arenosu pine forest. In this corner of paradise, clear and transparent, it is sandy with the presence of some rocks. In August the beach is crowded.

Maria Pia beach

White sand, vegetation and turquoise water Maria Pia beach in Alghero is a beach equipped with several places. The backdrops and colors of the water are beautiful. : the beach is located before Fertilia on the left.

Dragunara beach

It is a paradise with an internal lake of fresh and brackish water that was used in the past for the supply of water. There are a bar, a small beach and a small pier where excursions to the Caves of Neptune depart.

How to get there: From Alghero go towards Capo Caccia, about four kilometers after Tramariglio take a small road on the left downhill and you have arrived at Dragunara.

Porto Ferro

Porto Ferro is one of the largest beaches on the western coast of Nurra. Torre Negra and Torre di Bantine Sale delimit the two edges of the bay.

How to get there: From Alghero continue to Fertilia, then to Santa Maria La Palma and then to Capocaccia. Porto Ferro is located about two kilometers from the junction for Capocaccia. The beach is signposted.

Porticciolo beach

Porticciolo beach is located in Cala Viola on a stretch of coast characterized by secret beaches and coves.

How to get there: From Fertilia, turn right to Santa Maria La Palma and then to Capo Caccia. After about two kilometers there is a sign for Porticciolo.

Punta Giglio beach

To reach the beach you have to walk a bit, for this reason the hidden beach is uncontaminated and uncrowded.

How to reach it: On the road to Fertilia, turn left to Maristella, then right to the Hotel Porto Conte. In front of the Nautical Base you will find the entrance to Punta Giglio with the path on the right that reaches the beach.

Equipped beaches

Among the most beautiful equipped beaches there are the beach of Maria Pia and the beach of Lido di Alghero, also known as Lido di San Giovanni.

Even the Mugoni beach has an equipped area where you can also find the necessary to do water sports and diving.

Beaches around the city

The Lido di San Giovanni beach is the closest to the center of Alghero and can be reached on foot or by bicycle. Las Tronas beach, south of the city center, and Fertilia beach, to the north, are easily accessible, even by bicycle.

The other beaches near Alghero can be reached by public transport or by bicycle if you are not afraid of taking a nice walk. Among these are the beach of Punta Giglio and Dragunara, the most distant from the center, but still close. Then there are Porto Ferro, Fertilia, Mugoni, Lazzaretto and the Bombarde which are among the most beautiful and photographed in Alghero.